Frequently Asked Questions

How are parents involved in evaluation and therapy?

During the evaluation process, we gather developmental history from parent/caregiver interviews to guide the initial assessment, write treatment goals and develop home programs. Clinicians provide feedback following each session. A Home Program, including suggested activities and other recommendations is provided regularly as a part of the treatment process.

A treatment plan is an individualized set of goals created by the Speech-Language Pathologist to address your child's or adult speech, language, cognitive-linguistic, swallowing-feeding and/or communication needs. The treatment plan may include:

The treatment plan may include:​

Recommendations for therapy or re-screening/re-evaluation at a later time
Initial and long term goals to be addressed during therapy and at home
​Referrals to other professionals (i.e., audiologist, medical specialist, occupational/physical therapist, etc.)
Suggestions for parents/caregivers and educators

What is a Treatment Plan? 

Yes! The therapists at Advanced Speech & Rehab Services believe that children and adults learn best in their natural environment. Therapy in the home, school, and/or daycare environment allow our therapists to model the best evidence-based therapy practices so that parents/caregivers can learn to duplicate, enhance and encourage carryover of communication skills.​

Will Advanced Speech & Rehab Services come to my home, child's daycare or school to conduct evaluations and/or therapy?

Does Advanced Speech & Rehab Services accept all insurance?

We are continuously growing and adding new insurance plans, so please call to inquire.  We also accept private pay; this includes cash, debit and credit cards. 

What areas do you service at this time?

Currently, we provide speech-language services in Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Palm Beach Counties. Please call us at (407) 732-8136or (561) 331-0569 to see if you live within proximity for us to provide services.​

How do I make an appointment or speak with a speech-language pathologist ? 

We have several ways to get contact us. You can contact us on the “Contact Us” page of this website, email us at or call at (407) 732-8136.  For services in Palm Beach County call (561) 331-0569.

What is a speech language pathologist?

Speech-Language Pathologists diagnose and provide treatment for children and adults with a variety of speech-language, communication, cognitive-linguistic and feeding-swallowing issues.​

What are some of the warning signs of a communication disorder?

  • Does not babble or attempt to talk by one year of age 
    No words produced consistently by 16 months
    ​Delayed development of vocabulary, concepts and grammar
    ​Does not talk or uses more gestures than words by 2 years of age
    ​Speech and Language is different from children of the same age
    ​Limited sound repertoire
    ​Speech is difficult for strangers to understand
    ​Increased frustration during communication attempts
    Increased need for repetition for response to commands, questions
    ​Decreased interest in social situations by age 24 months
    ​Decreased eye contact
    ​Delayed response time
    ​Decreased need to communicate wants and needs to others
    ​Lack of imitation skills
    ​Difficulty with transitions
    ​Perseverative or repetitive behaviors
    ​Loss of skills previously mastered

Do you offer financial assistance or a sliding fee scale?

Yes, we offer financial assistance to certain clients. Please contact us to discuss our normal rates and fees, or to see if you qualify for a reduced rate or fee schedule.​

Do I need a referral to receive speech or language therapy? 

In some cases, with Medicaid clients for example, you may need a physician's referral or prescription to receive therapy. Private paying clients do not require a physician's referral or prescription, but our therapists may ask for one to keep on file.​

What ages does Advanced Speech & Rehab Services see?

What days and/or hours do you work?

We see clients of all ages.

Since we treat clients in their natural environments and with a family-centered approach, our hours are usually flexible. Our therapists typically work Monday-Friday, from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., however some evening or weekend appointments may be approved. 




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